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Our online virtual banking facility built on our motto; Virtual Instant Access Handle your payments anywhere at anytime to any value with amenities of full security by STS - Secure Transaction String.

ViA ONLINE provide the ultimate user friendliness to manage and operate stored value accounts and transactions.

ViA ONLINE offers a holistic solution to manage your virtual accounts in variety of currencies, handle your ViA Gold Card accounts, move values to other stored value solutions and eWallets, operate subscriptions, conduct micro payments, having family members accessing accounts under your supervision, give accounts to friends you trust or want to help.

With ViA ONLINE you can instantly give an individual proper status in the society and use ViA ONLINE and the ViA Gold Card as a vehicle to bring those who today is standing outside the banking society (non bankable consumers) a more superior service.

Access online services is a delicate security issue - having a core team of senior software experts with us, who has not only worked as a team for 25 year but also developed advanced security and encryption system, methods and technical solutions, we are convinced that the level of security ViA Online offers you will give you the state of the art level and we are committed to develop further enhancements.

ViA Online offers three (3) different ways of accessing ViA Online by Internet; Standard Pin based access with screen based keypad with limited access or ViA SMS PINTM where you receive to your mobile phone a 6 digit ONE TIME PIN each time you access ViA Online or you are a proud owner of a ViA KeyPadTM which give you the ultimate security level.


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