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Login Security

Access online services is a delicate security issue - having a core team of senior software experts with us, who has not only worked as a team for 25 year but also developed advanced security and encryption system, methods and technical solutions, we are convinced that the level of security ViA Online offers you will give you the state of the art level and we are committed to develop further enhancements. 

ViA Online offers three (3) different ways of accessing ViA Online by Internet; Standard Pin based access with screen based keypad with limited access or ViA SMS PINTM where you receive to your mobile phone a 6 digit ONE TIME PIN each time you access ViA Online or you are a proud owner of a ViA KeyPadTM which give you the ultimate security level.

1. Standard Pin with keypad on the screen

If you just have applied for your ViA Online Account and have not entered your mobile phone number, which will be used to send you the ONE TIME PIN, you need to use this first level of access - screen pin-pad. This level gives you ONLY a limited access to your ViA Online service, for your own protection. You can view all your accounts including card accounts, transfer limited funds between your ViA Accounts and handle limited transfers to a ViA Card, limits may be adjusted, rules can be found under "Legal".

2. ViA SMS PIN - 6 digits one-time-pin

The ViA SMS PIN is a state of the art deployment, where a unique 6 digit ONE TIME PIN is generated each time you enter ViA Online and sent to you by SMS, received directly on your mobile phone, within seconds. If you have made the choice to use this feature either up to the time you will receive the ViA KeyPadTM or you may have selected to buy this service, rather then to have a ViA KeyPad - what ever way you have decided, both of this alternatives gives you ultimate security level. Each ViA SMS PIN we do send you will be charged to your account, to the price which is applicable at the time for sending the ViA SMS PIN. If you do not have funds on your account two login attempts will be made and still charged to your account.

3. ViA KeyPadTM - ultimate security and comfort

ViA OnlineTM do have the optimum security by its introduction of the ViA KeyPadTM. Using the ViA KeyPadTM you access your ViA Online services with the highest security.

The ViA KeyPadTM, wherever it is the consumer version or the eMerchant version gives you the highest possible way of interacting online. The ViA KeyPad generates upon your request a 6 digit ONE TIME PIN, which you convenient enter upon being prompted to enter your ONE TIME PIN.

Besides a range of advantages to have your ViA KeyPad, you should consider this option if you do use Internet on a frequent basis. As ViA is deploying its security method out within the it industry, more and more online service providers, internet based shopping sites and others will start to accept and adopt ViA as a new payment and settlement solutions, which will give you as the user larger benefits, better security and the confidence to expand your ability to explore the abilities within the eSociety.

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